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This is the distance between U.S. Cities and foreign countries by plane; check this out!


Okay this pretty neat!

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Didn’t realise it took that long to get to some places! Neat!

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Nice idea, I will definitely be putting it to use! Maybe make the blue or green a little lighter though, it’s hard to distinguish between them on some screens.


Thank you for the feedback!


This is really great! One question—from where in the U.S. to whatever place is the distance measured? I mean, the flight time is way different to go from KJFK-EGLL, for example, than KLAX-EGLL, and they’re completely different distances.

@SB110 KATL for South America, KJFK for Europe and Africa, and KLAX for Asia.

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Nice! That’s really cool! I’ve never seen a chart like this. I see India is just off-the-charts far away lol @GlobalFlyer1 @Captain_Dreamliner @Prashant_Divedi lol


It’s from the same website that IFATC uses for its ATC schedules, allowing for understandable, perfect maps every time; I highly recommend it if you want to explain something by map.


What happened to Southern Africa, India, and the Indonesian islands?

What do you mean?

Look at the chart. There’s no number for said regions of the world.

I made a slight mistake; these are for 14-20 hour flights.

No worries, just wondering.

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Wheres NZL!?

It’s included in the 7-12 hour flights…

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