I was looking through the Tubes recently and saw something on a video called a check-ride! I tried looking up the answer on the Googles but the only information was in these long FAA pdfs. I’m reaching out to the IF community to understand what a check-ride is and if someone can explain it to me.

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Riding with a instructor pilot or any other authorized person to check your knowledge and ability to fly again.

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Well, might have to check Google harder…? Searched “FAA check ride” and got this…

In short, it’s a test where pilots demonstrate their abilities to do certain things to earn ratings, licenses, etc.


Think of it like a driving test, simple as that. Same idea just now your flying a plane.

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I just searched “aviation check-ride” not “FAA check-ride”

Thanks @Thunderbolt

You check your skills with an instructor to make sure you are flying the Aircraft safely

A check ride is the common name for a practical flight test. In simple terms, you can think of this as a road test for the air. You need to take one for every rating you acquire. These are normally done with a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).

A check ride consists of two parts:

  • An oral exam, consisting of a series of questions and discussions with the DPE. You’ll cover a variety of pertinent subjects relating to flight in general, as well as the systems and characteristics of your aircraft.
  • A flight test, consisting of a variety of maneuvers prescribed by the FAA. You’re expected to show good aeronautical decision making and fly competently.

Check rides are outlined and graded against the Airman Certification Standards. There are separate ones for the private, commercial, flight instructor, and airline transport pilot levels, which are further broken down into the category of rating you’re after. You can read up on them here:


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