Check out this Emirates commercial roasting United Airlines


Interesting commercial… I must say I laughed when I saw this.


Releases adverts…then announces A380 service to Newark
~Typical Emirates


Good on them for getting back at United.

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That was so savage of Emirates😂😂😂


1 incident happens and now all of a sudden evetyone hates Untied? Come one people. It was 1 bad things. Calm down with the roasting.


Are you being sarcastic? It is most certainly not the only major public relations gaff United has pulled off in the last few years. Here is one spectacular example: []


It wasn’t just a small incident, it was a PR disaster which ended up with an innocent guest injured and the whole world mocking United


Never said it was small. Just said it was an innocent. I have a friend who flies for United and she is just as shocked that they would do something like that.

Its a fantastic airline. Media is always over a exaggerating stuff. Yes, it was a big innocent, but that 1 incident is all of a sudden making the Airlines the worst? Come on now. Its a great airline. People need to live past this crap.

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Again, it is not one incident.

Again. They’re still a great airline. You can roast them all you want. But just know all y’all are doing is just trying to fit in with other media sources by roasting them.

Thank you for your analysis of our collective outrage. You can call it whatever “y’all” want to but those of us here old enough to vote with our dollars will be doing so at United Airlines expense. That is much more relevant than simply piling on your perceived media bandwagon.


So your saying I’m immature because I support my feelings for something?

You said it, not me.

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Not taking a side here, but this is the second incident with United in the past few weeks. The leggings things was among the first.


And as if no other Airline has done something wrong in the past? Incidents happen, but there is no need for extreme public humiliation. It’s, really, inhumane and mundane.

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Inhumane… you mean like beating a person for no reason?

Have you seen what happened leading up to that? He may have been a complete rude person to them, but yet we see the part where it makes United look bad.

I dont think this advertisement show an approriate attitude for the best airline…

This bashing needs to stop


Qatar recently one just like that too