Check out this cool A320 Home cockpit!

Was scrolling through youtube and came across this guy with this amazing home set up. Does anyone have something similar at home? Also can something like this be set up for IF


Seems pretty cool, would love to have one of those at home! :)

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I would love to have that simulator when I flew the a380 sim at the Dubai mall I didn’t want to leave it was so fun.


I wish I had that kind of money


Same here. Plus I wish I was in a house.

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The only thing is like, if I built an a320 cockpit, I’d feel sorry flying any other airplane in the sim. So like you’d be limited to one aircraft


Wow! That’s awesome! :)

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This is awesome wish I had one of these I would never leave it alone :)

Me if I was a billionaire

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@_keithjames99: Take note of this.


When I was scrolling through latest comments and saw you had replied to this topic I knew this was gonna be your comment lol

I wish I had a 737 version of this…

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