Check out the Subreddit

Hi, there’s a subreddit forum for IF it’s great for screenshots and organising events. If you are a Redditor check it out it’s pretty cool. We have nearly 1,400 members.

PS could the mods change the sign to be the IF logo? We’re getting tired of the default sign.

Advertisements like these are generally not allowed on the forum. Only groups like VO’s and VA’s which have been certified by the IFVARB can be posted here.

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I havent checked it in ages, thanks for reminding me. I ve seen many interesting discussions

I’m getting my popcorn ready to see this discussion

It’s an official one set up by IF I’m more recommending it. Not advertising it.

Doesn’t seem to be an official subreddit. Looks like its run by some fans posing as developers.

If it is official, then its quiet weird that laura is more active on there compared to here.

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It’s always cool to see people talking about IF in many different places, but it’s probably better if the forum stays for directly forum/app related matters. It’s worth checking out though :)