Check out the new FlightCast website!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that the new FlightCast website is now live! Check it out and catch up on some episodes you’ve missed, as well as join the conversation in the comments!



This is gonna come in handy. I love FlightCast!


Great work Jason. The new website looks amazing!

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Nice work! Only one edit on mobile, the s on episodes gets cut off.


The website is awesome and modern I’m still waiting for the latest!

Is now “Life”. You mean Live?

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Maybe the website is alive 😂

Life or Live?

You got a typo there 😉 Unless the website is alive… @jasonrosewell

Funny how everyone is now noticing the typo… the first time I saw it I knew something was wrong :3.

You guys need to find a hobby. Good grief.


You gave him credit when I was the one that noticed it first 😭. But oh well :3.

Sorry I have no life 😂 My hobbies are IF and listening to your podcasts :)

The thing is that I tagged him :)

You get a notification for a quote reply anyway …

I did too :3 but that’s fine lulz

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