Check out my videos from my Emirates trip from JFK-DXB


What type of aircraft? 777 or A380?

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Would have been an A380 because I’m pretty sure Emirates only flies with the A380 on this route.

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  1. the a380 has a tail cam, 777 does not.
  2. the 777 has 2 engines the a380 has four.
    Please take a simple look before asking a question that you could easily answer by looking.

Anyway, nice videos! Were you in business? Or just coach.


True. I never thought someone of an Avgeek level enough to be on the community would be asking that (Avgeek level lol)


If you saw the 2nd video, you can tell that I am in coach.


Dude, it says A380-800 on the screen in the video

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You were on the newer A380’s how where they?

Yea it was nice. The inflight entertainment screens were so easy to use and they were huge screens too.

And I think there is an extra economy clads cabin on the upper deck that has storage space on the window seats

Yeah. I don’t think JFK gets those high density A380s. Maybe Mauritius or Frankfurt.

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I think Lufthansa ,Emriets,Ethihad,and Quantis operates a380’s at JFK

Yes they do but the EK a380s with economy in the upper deck don’t fly to JFK. That’s all.

Yea that’s only on some aircrafts that operate on specific routes. This route does not have the A380 which has upper deck economy seats

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Asiana, Korean Air, and Singapore Airlines also. No Qantas- they have 747

I flew on an a380 from Dubai to JFK and I suffered jet lag so I slept through the first 5 hours! But flying over the ocean was beautiful!

Gotta love Emirates! Only thing though is the window view seemed a bit boring just a wing and no view of below 😕 IFE looks like a tablet lol 😜 Nice vids thanks for sharing!

It is the a380 if u could check the second video u will clearly see from the tail camera

I know, the brand new Emirates aircrafts from 2016 onwards have the tablet like screens. Emirates has the best inflight entertainment screens out of all the airlines.

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