check out my landing video at PHNL

Hello all! I recently just took a trip to Hawaii and am unfortunately back home, but I uploaded a video off my GoPro Hero 6 back when I landed at Honolulu. If wanted check it out in the link below, and try to ignore background noises (sorry lol)


Pretty smooth landing better than Ryan air!

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100 50 40 30 20 10 BUTTER
That was beautiful


LOL definitely didn’t even feel a thing. One coming home was a bit Ryanair like. Nasty weather and a lot of reverse thrust made a nice welcome home.

One of the best landings I have ever experienced!

Most of the landings I’ve been on have been kinda hard… and I fly Delta lol
I go on mostly MD80s and A320s…

Enough with RyanAir. It’s practically the only airline I hear about on the IFC nowadays.

@vabriola40 great video! Hope you have/had a great time in Hawaii!

Awesome video, thanks for sharing! I love seeing these A330’s come and go from KLAS, such a pretty bird

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Nah, Ryan air is always a joke to me :)

A330 is well known for its landing gear providing a comfortable landing.

Great example of a crash successfully controlled so nothing breaks(one of my captain’s describes them as this).

Easy till next time!

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