Check landing pattern before taxiing!

I was doing ATC @KSAN while ago. Runway 27 was green 09 was red. (Majority of time 27 used if both runway active, anyways this not story) everything was running fine other then few Test Pilots not listening. Then 09 pop green, that’s it the people parked close to runway 09 went straight to 09 asking me for take-off clearance (I wasn’t on ground) they simply don’t want to listen to hold short 27. On other sides I Already done one guy to do 360 for 27 so I happily cleared to land all the guys who followed instructiions just to piss the one not following instructions (sorry I should not have done that if iam leaving facility)and closed the facility, to the Dev’s if the facility managed by ATC can you make active runways only visible to ATC not PIlots. At the end of the day isn’t they suppose to say their intention and wait for clearance? I know it’s playground server, I’m posting this some people might find it amusing or learn. You can see KNZY Runway 11 still red, near enough same direction.




As you said it was the playground server. People know they can get away with whatever they want to. While it was rude for that one guy to go to 09 while runway 27 was in use he can’t be stopped. You did the right thing clearing all traffic in for 27 as they were listening and on the runway in use. People on the playground server always want the shorter taxi and don’t realize the atc’s plan with the runways like people do in advanced server. They figure if he doesn’t assign me the closest runway he is wrong.

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Funny it wasn’t just one, I think there was 4 asking for take-off Clarence. ;)

That’s why so far I like the advanced server because people listen to your commands. If they don’t they know they will be ghosted.

Well you were busy … lol , yep they know to listen in advance server

Yeah I was departure up at KLAX and I saw that and I tried to vector people around so you wouldn’t keep getting that. I saw you just got up and left HAHAHA I would’ve done the same thing… People just don’t listen to instructions no more.

Yeah I know what it’s like! Best just to enter the other planes into downwind so that the other plane can take off! You can only work with what you have so best to improvise as much as you can! This is something that requires patience which something a lot of people lack sadly but some still strive strongly! Hey at the end of the day, it’s a simulator! Enjoy as a sim to get away from reality and relax with people who share the same thing, an interest in aviation!