Check internet, avaliable storage space and try again later. (Global update)

Device: iPhone 7
OS: ios11.0.3 (not jailbroken)

After the update, I realised all the planes I bought were gone. I only have the Cessna 172.

I’ve pressed ‘Restore Purchases’ and it worked.
But now, I’m stuck at a screen that says this:

‘Check internet connection, available storage space and try again later.’

I’m think 283Mb/s is pretty fine. And I have 14.1GB of memory left.

I do not understand this problem, I hope you guys can help me solve this problem. Thank you! 😀


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Please close the app and restart your device. Report back to us once you have done this and you are established on a stable internet connection.


I had the same issue as well. I deleted some photos and some apps and that fixed it.

I’ve restarted my phone and I have restarted the app too. Yet I am still having the same screen. 😰

Are you connected to WiFi?

Yes I am next to my router.

The servers are down at the moment but should be up and running shortly if not now. Close the app, restart your device and give it another go in a few minutes.



Now here’s the weird part. I don’t think I’m offline as I can play on live and there are other planes.
I’ve also checked that tick icon at the top roght corner and it says I’m connected.

If you have an SD Card try moving IF to it.
Worked for me.

I don’t have an SD card installed.

Anyways I’m off to school now.

(Why did the topic close? There’s no solution!)