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Hello, super quick question, is there a difference if you are talking to approach and then you Say
Infinite flight 2020 with you
Then they say Roger or Radar contact
Or can you just say
Infinite flight 2020 is 50 NM to the east at 10,000 feet, requesting ILS approach runway 08L at Vancouver international
So my question is: does it matter if you say WITH YOU, Or if you just go right to your request.
(Sorry for the really bad English)

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Hey mate!

Before anyone helps I’d just suggest you put this topic in the #atc category ;)

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Just hit us with the request straight up (:

There’s no need to check in first, then request your service. All we need to hear is your approach request and then we’ll get you to where you need to go 🙌


Oh ok, thank you!


Checking in is really only used for departures (flight plan) or being handed off between frequencies when approach controllers are tag teaming 😊


this was very helpful

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