Check in, then ask for the same info

What is the purpose of ATC asking you to change freq, and check in. Once you do, they request your info, you provide it, they reply to continue as filed. Then 1.5-2 min later they call on the radio again asking you to check in/state intentions. They haven’t gone offline, as the box didn’t pop up showing the freq went offline and came back online with a new controller, why ask again? I thought unnecessary communication was something to be avoided.


Feel free to pm your feedback to your controller. We love to hear ways in which we can improve our service. If necessary, feel free to contact @moderators if you need further assistance

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Hello! There could be a few reasons that this has occurred. If it was on Training Server, it could simply be that that controller does not know how to properly utilize commands. If this was on Expert Server, you could send a message over to the controller.

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They might have stated say intentions because they simply cannot continue with your current service. It says that in the manual that if they can’t continue with your current service they will ask to say intentions

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after you check in, they shouldn’t be asking for your info if you have a flight plan filed. If you’re flying VFR, I think after you state you’re flying VFR they ask for intentions? as in where you going/what you doin

Just a question, were you on approach or center when this happened?

Don’t even bother checking in if you’re VFR. Just state you’re VFR.

that’s what I meant by “say so” whoops

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Center, I was advised to swap after takeoff, so I hit the button send and switch. I communicated with them, and when asked, stated wherever my destination was on that flight (I filed a plan before takeoff), and they stated continue as filed, or whatever the similar response is that they give. Then a minute or two later, the same question. I don’t really mind, as it only takes a second or two to answer, but I try to keep my chatter to a minimum. I try to follow the comms guides since I know they can be busy, I just didn’t know if maybe info disappeared from their screen regarding the response I gave, but I also thought if you filed a flight plan, they could highlight your aircraft at any time and your plan would pop up.

We are all assuming what server this was on. What server was this on @Jb431?

It was on the training server.

Yeah, that’ll be the reason then. A lot of training server controllers aren’t familiar with proper procedures, so mistakes are bound to happen.

Understood, thx

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