Check in & Request Approach

Hello everyone,
I had a question, Can someone please tell me when do I check in and when should I request approach right away?

FL180 or under/or within 67.9 nm you should make an approach request to the airport.
Don’t ever check in, just make your request known.

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so, if I understand correctly, check in is only used if I’m above FL180 and at a distance of 70nm or higher?

No, you don’t check in for approach EVER!
I tend to check in for Departures and Center.

Have a read on ATC manual guide:


No, you rarely ever check in to approach. If you are descending below FL180 AGL and within 50nm of an active airport with approach your first message to approach should be you requesting the approach you are after such as ILS, GPS, Visual etc.

Best times to use the check in are when you are handed off to departure (can also be an approach frequency acting as departure) or if you are entering an active center airspace. Also, you should never request flight following once you have checked in as flight following requests are not required after checking in to departure.


Ohhh ok I get it now, Thank you guys! @tjb0709 & @Declan


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