Check in (IFR) Request Problem

For some reason when I check in with departure or center, it adds "descending via [STAR] after the check in command, does anyone know how to fix this?

Does this happen on the second flight in the same session (you don’t disconnect from the game before departing again)? It could be that after you request a descend via a STAR on your first approach, the game still ‘thinks’ you’re on that same approach even after departing again, granted it’s in the same session.


This happens, as Maxim said, after you request descent via a certain STAR. It’s not an issue, it just lets the controller know what STAR you are/are going to use.


Hi! As Maxim said that’s a possibility especially if its center or departure, my guess is you’re departing an airport and then there’s his explanation that is the likely reason. Another scenario could be if you had already requested a descent via a specific STAR, when you’re moved to another frequency, if you check in, it would always add the STAR to the message to ATC so that they are aware.

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It was my first flight in the session, and I was ascending at 8000ft out of KLAX (going to KSFO) when I contacted center to check in with my flight plan. Before that point, both departure and center were inactive. Perhaps it was a bug, but thank you Maxim, Carolina_Taylor, and Aviation108!


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