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As an IFATC controller, I see my fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly. The truth of the matter is, it’s getting worse. With training turning into causal day by day, their is no place for future ES pilots to learn who to properly use ATC and fly. If you get sent CHP or a warning, just remember, IFATC is here to help. Shoot us a PM and we’ll gladly explain any mistakes and the right thing to do. But what about the 75% not on the IFC? At the moment, there is nothing in app that says “hey, here are some links to help you learn how to use atc” after you get reported or sent CHP. Should their not be some system in place for them, to learn from their mistakes? If we don’t make an active effort to go one more step past CHP, how will anyone ever learn? If we’re being honest, how many pilots have actually gone to the IFC and checked the Help Pages after receiving the message? Most likely next to none. One solution would to be to have a pop up, in app, that displays “learning links” after receiving CHP. Or maybe the tutorial section could be highlighted after someone first downloads the app. Expert is called expert for a reason. Sure pilots irl screw up from time to time, but they have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. This is why we need things like this, as well as the things I mentioned-

Once pilots are able to learn from their mistakes, the quality of ES will be much better and truly an “expert” server.

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There are lots of issues with the pilots on expert server. I am also for training server becoming and actual training server! Currently it’s just a casual server with ATC?


It’s called summer pilots.


Yes exactly! I supported this idea a while back, that perhaps it’s mandatory You check tutorials, etc. IFC integration is also good!

That might cause some losses in the revenue part of FDS or people might just bypass by creating an account and simply doing nothing. That can be fixed by making a system which somehow makes it mandatory. That, however, takes huge development and might once again drive away possible buyers.

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You are right! 'll end up sending CHP more than actually sending clearances. I feel like its getting tedious however. if there was some way to help these pilots, the expert server would become truly “expert”.

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Perhaps in order to join the ES you should also need to provide your IFC name which would at least show that you have the opportunity to review the tutorial section?


Controller sends link to the appropriate tutorial and/or maybe even a link to the controllers IFC acct. which the pilot can click in-game that opens up their browser to the IFC where they can learn the mistake they made.

I am a believer in the idea that the people must learn in-game… Things like the tips on the loading screen etc…

However, there remains the other age old issue; there are 3 types of pilots:
Learners/Beginner grade 3s
And trolls

Expert server with stricter parameters to “filter out” the bad. Or even more specifically-expert server in-which you have to submit an application and be accepted and what-not (may open a gateway to vocal ATC)? I like this idea…
But there will not be anywhere near enough pilots that will bother. The world is huge… and we have it at our finger tips-how will we fill this space? If its not filled, whats the point…

There are many other aspects and ideas… What do we do about it all?


Taken directly from the Check Help Pages topic


Thanks I was probbaly just too high!

No, it was because you called inbound incorrectly. Odds are approach gave you an approach type, and you call in with that approach, not just inbound. Otherwise, no CHP would’ve been given (vectors/FF with a call inbound and runway but no approach)

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There actually is. In the menu there is something that says tutorials which directs you to #tutorials on the forum. image

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Thanks, added something to clarify

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Rant continued … just kidding😂 the training server air traffic controllers have very limited resources that the expert controller do have… training server will not get 100% of the resources needed to learn…therefore training is incomplete.🙄 such as no a t i s (ATIS)… who says only experts know how to set up an ATIS 😆😂😂😂
Rant off.


@Guxk I’m not going to lie, this is a great topic. BUT, the only reason why I liked it is because of your sense of humor.

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Talks about ATC
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