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Wow thanks! This is well written. I have learnt things that I never knew before and this is going to help me even more when I go onto the expert server. This will also help with my real life flying lessons as well


This was a great lesson - thank you

Responding to your question re. how to better incorporate help in the app @Tyler_Shelton.

Here are three suggestions based on my controlling experience. Caveat: most of my controlling has been on TS. I recently joined IFATC but my experience with expert pilots as a controller is still limited. They are better but there is definitely still opportunity.

  1. If the pilot receives the ‘check help’ message it would be great if the next time they are at the ‘home screen’ in the app there was a message displayed prominently with a link to help.
  2. It would be great if controllers could select what people should specifically look for help on. I don’t always have time to find the specific item but often times I do. I am sure the IFATC community could come up with the most frequent areas people need to learn about (patterns, sequencing and maintaining separation are certainly high on the list!). We can put those topics at the top of the list. Then the message that is displayed to the user is a link to that topic vs. a generic topic like this one (not knocking this topic - it is awesome!). We should also have an option to just send ‘check help’ without picking the detailed topic for when we are really busy.
  3. Finally some version of this request - IF & IFC Integration to enhance training and communication. There have been a few times I wanted to reach out to a pilot to nudge him/her in the right direction after issuing a ‘check help’ but couldn’t find them on IFC.



Bumping this, as there were several people that I told to check tutorials at DFW today. Hopefully they’ll see this.


This was really useful especially the “the right way to announce landing”

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Fantastic post @azeeuwnl. Things I keep reminding to my pilots in our VA.
Will share this link with them if that’s ok with you.
We have been lately spending a lot of time flying with them to identify mistakes and teach them the right way to fly in IF :)


I would like to give this topic a little boost. Recently I’ve had to send a lot of “Please check the forum for assistance using ATC Instructions” Button a lot controlling, and it’s getting a little annoying. I recommend everyone looks over this so we all don’t commit any mistakes!


Thought I’d give this topic a bump because I’ve been seeing this a lot. When you call inbound after being cleared for any type of approach (ILS, GPS, VIS) you call inbound for landing on the [approach type you were cleared for]. Your data tag will tell the tower controller which one you’re on, and they will send “check help pages” if you do it incorrectly.

The only time you ever request inbound normally while approach is active, is when you have radar vectors to an airport. The tower controller will give you a pattern entry, sequence, and clear to land.

Please remember this next time you fly on expert, as it’s a huge help for us controllers to not have to check your data tag to make sure you’re doing things right :)


Good relevant bump.

On your point, here’s a good tutorial, with the whole story.

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Extreme helpful to read and helped me to understand the transition from Approach on the localizer to tower procedures. Thank You


I think this shkukd bepinnedon top of the #tutorials page to make it easier for the users (that care about it) to find it.

I learnt alot it really helps


This post was pinned in #tutorials for a while after it was first produced. But for reasons unknown to me the pin was removed.


Very helpful. I just got that message by @Adam_Macaulay lol so this was very useful!

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Bump bump 👊🏻
Sent quite a bit of “Check Help Pages” to pilots lately—especially to those saying “departing straight out” but only to turn not even half-way of the ILS cone.

And pilots, please don’t quit your flight right away when being told to check help pages…

Well said @azeeuwnl

Great post!! just posted this in our VA announcements for our pilots to refer to!!! Thanks for this post!


Bumping this, had a lot of pilots today say they’re inbound on ILS when there was no Radar present

I hope they see this

People definitely need to check this post out! If you receive this command it’s for a reason!

Great post! This is the first time I saw it on IFC.