Check Help Pages link

Following the great thread made by @azeeuwnl on why you may have received your Check Help Pages (Check Help Pages) command and how to learn from it, it gave me the idea that this could be implemented into the app.

How this would work it that at the end of a flight if you have received the check help pages command you are shown a link to the thread. This would be entirely optional for a user to follow through but I think it’s a step in the right direction when it comes to educating pilots.

I’m not sure if this is possible to bring up a different closing screen due to one message from ATC but if it is then I think this would be a great small addition which would begin to improve the ability of some pilots, thus making ATC’s job much easier.

I can see it being similar to the reporting reasons IFATC has. The list would need to be simplified though.

“Please check help pages for instructions relating to…”

  • Ground movement
  • Patterns
  • ATC procedures
  • Approach commands
  • Departure commands
  • Intercepting the ILS

There could be more but speed is critical with controllers and any more and they will have to scroll which takes time.


Love this idea! It overlaps a bit with one I made a while back, I think incorporating parts of both could be good.