Check forum for assistance using ATC instructions

Hi everyone. This morning I was at Beijing Capital and ATC sent me “Please Check Tutorials for assistance using ATC instructions”, and I don’t know why… there was a little mess with 2 aircraft and me, but I followed all ATC instructions. I give you the replay video:

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Hey, I’d say that the ground controller is the guy to contact. Depending on the time this occured, I believe it would be either @itzKeineer or @StevenCRH.


I think it might be because you taxied in front of the 747 but I could be wrong.

I had to do a 180 to get to my runway

I was thinking because you could have taken a different route to the runway that did not involve turning into oncoming planes.


I think a simple misunderstanding of that you were still technically under the controllers progressive taxi instructions. It was probably a bit of confusion of where you were heading. Best bet as said above is to leave it to you and directly to the controller. 🙃

I think that ATC got confused and instead of making me turn left, he made me turn right, so I had to go back to my runway

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Yeah, that’s what I should do, but I don’t know who was the ATC… it was at 9:13 zulu

Uhhh. Didn’t think of that.

An IFATC will be able to tell you shortly :)


I think was @Marco_B


Rings a bell. I believe it was your correct I had him this morning too.

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I also think so, when he sent me the message I checked who he was and this sound familiar to me

Hello! It wasn’t me, I was in ground but a few hours later.

Stay safe.

I am @StevenCRH. This wasn’t me controlling. :)

Try going into “logbook”, then press on the replay, then press on the atc tab?, then it should say the controller name with “IFATC” at the front for their display name. Example: “IFATC Nicholas_Pragassen”, then type their name into a PM, which would be, in this case, Nicholas_Pragassen. Hope this helps :)

Just watched the video. What are you doing?!

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