Cheapest Plane You Have Seen Advertised?

Hey guys whats the cheapest plane you’ve seen advertised?
I saw an A340 for sale at $13,000,000 it had, I think, 218 economy seats and 38 business
Tot. 254
9 galleys
9 lavatories


MaxSez: see


Oh wow! Never seen this before.


Anyone fancy a 74?


I saw this open cockpit monoplane for sale for 5,000

747-400 for 19,000,000 (a new CRJ700 costs 41,000,000)


Holy Crap! Saw a Global for 800,000$

Forget those two. This one is crazy!
100K dollars for a Canadair T-33? Mind blown!

I saw this 744 for 8,000,000. Not as cheap a the T-33 of course, but still:

Holy Crap! 737-200 for 900K?! I mean, the 732 is old but 900K is still such an amazing price!

Um… I know it’s a small biplane but 80K DOLLARS IS SO LOW!

Someone is selling an A319 WITH AN AVIANCA LIVERY!!!

Someone is selling a 742 at 2 million for some reason.

An New Airline’s heaven

Again, a new airline’s paradise

I think I found the A340 @Capt.teddy said, the 13 Million Dollar A340 (In the main post)

Not a bad price for an A340

That’s Definitely a cheap Avro

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Yep, this is the one. And I may not have stated it clearly but I kind of mean cheapest for what it is. E.g I see some A318’s for almost $40,000,000. I mean this is a fully configured A340

Can someone give me a small loan of a million dollars? ;D

Anyone mind giving me 2 million dollars so i can start my own airline?

I’d also like another 176 thousand dollars so i can scare the hell out my passengers by flying a gnat next to them

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There was a Cessna on Craigslist awhile back, claimed it was up to date in maintaince, had the log books and was ready to go. I seriously thought about buying it, if I remember correctly it was under 25k. All mechanical gauges and I’m sure it was built in the 60’s.

anyone have 12500 pounds/14000 euros they don’t want?

a war plane i would love to attempt to fly

Just saw a 82’ B737-200 Advanced for 625,000. Bargain!

Cessna 150 for 6600 USD.

C’mon! Learjet for 150,000 USD? Am I dreaming?

I’m going to buy it for my birthday😂