Cheapest flight

What is the cheapest fare you’ve got on a flight? What airline? From which airport to which airport?

Base Fare or including baggage?

$102 LGA-IND with 2 free bags. Southwest


$29 on Sun Air Express from KHGR Hagerstown Washington Country Regional to KIAD Washington Dulles Intl.

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I’m smiling while typing this…
$75 Mel-Canberra Tiger Airways

$75 a seat on Jetstar (Tasmania, Aus) Launceston - Melbourne (Victoria, Aus)

By the way, saw this deal a week ago: EWR-BOS on jetBlue for $98. Not a bad price…

Also in the past: Cape Air Cessna 402C $69 or $79 HYA-ACK. I forget which price…

HYA-ACK shuttle tickets can dip much cheaper but also soar during the summer season. Literally and figuratively

Air tran 89 from my local airport to atlanta (2 hr flight) (7 hr drive)

$250 with Jetstar from Syd to Mel. It was a deal and it included return flight, hotel (4 star (I think) Mercure hotel) and a rental car all for a week for my family plus two friends!

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Bremen- Fort Myers /Air France 355€/400USD EDDW-(LFPG-KATL)-KRSW

Bremen-Wien/Air Berlin 49€/55USD EDDW-LOWW

Well, the flight was actually free but the system didn’t accept ƒ 0,00 so it became ƒ 0,01. :)
It was from Eindhoven EHEH, the Netherlands to London (forgot which airport), with Ryanair.
BTW, “ƒ” is the symbol for the old Dutch currency.

$20 for MAA to BLR (I didn’t go, we planned to)

Best fare. Or both

Easyjet is very cheap if you are booking last minute and you’re in a small party or alone. (Presumably no luggage)
£25.49 from Gatwick to Milan, thats $36.28 for a two hour flight!

Ryanair have prices as low as £9 on their website. It adds up quickly when you add bags and extras.

$6.75 CMH OGG round trip on AA in business class.

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Forreal? Wow! That is crazy

89€ CDG-Naples-CDG with Air France.