Cheapest flight

What is the cheapest fare you’ve got on a flight? What airline? From which airport to which airport?

Base Fare or including baggage?

$102 LGA-IND with 2 free bags. Southwest


$29 on Sun Air Express from KHGR Hagerstown Washington Country Regional to KIAD Washington Dulles Intl.

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I’m smiling while typing this…
$75 Mel-Canberra Tiger Airways

$75 a seat on Jetstar (Tasmania, Aus) Launceston - Melbourne (Victoria, Aus)

By the way, saw this deal a week ago: EWR-BOS on jetBlue for $98. Not a bad price…

Also in the past: Cape Air Cessna 402C $69 or $79 HYA-ACK. I forget which price…

HYA-ACK shuttle tickets can dip much cheaper but also soar during the summer season. Literally and figuratively

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Air tran 89 from my local airport to atlanta (2 hr flight) (7 hr drive)

$250 with Jetstar from Syd to Mel. It was a deal and it included return flight, hotel (4 star (I think) Mercure hotel) and a rental car all for a week for my family plus two friends!

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Bremen- Fort Myers /Air France 355€/400USD EDDW-(LFPG-KATL)-KRSW

Bremen-Wien/Air Berlin 49€/55USD EDDW-LOWW

Well, the flight was actually free but the system didn’t accept ƒ 0,00 so it became ƒ 0,01. :)
It was from Eindhoven EHEH, the Netherlands to London (forgot which airport), with Ryanair.
BTW, “ƒ” is the symbol for the old Dutch currency.

$20 for MAA to BLR (I didn’t go, we planned to)

Best fare. Or both

Easyjet is very cheap if you are booking last minute and you’re in a small party or alone. (Presumably no luggage)
£25.49 from Gatwick to Milan, thats $36.28 for a two hour flight!

Ryanair have prices as low as £9 on their website. It adds up quickly when you add bags and extras.

$6.75 CMH OGG round trip on AA in business class.

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Forreal? Wow! That is crazy