Cheapest and easiest way to become a pilot?

No. There is no such way. I think there is a program at CAE Oxford that takes your PPL hours into account though. (@TopGrob93)

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Yeah there are modular courses at most flying schools for people with PPL’s already like the ‘Waypoint Enhanced’ and part/full time, this takes longer but is cheaper but does not offer you the after graduation services to place you into jobs, that is something you have to do on your own… To be honest, if you are looking for the cheapest/easiest way to become a pilot, it’s not the career for you, there is no easy way and certainly not a cheap way, it requires huge commitment and significant sacrifice by individuals and families… Most flying schools offer skills plus guarantees because their selection process is so good, very few fail in training, however if you do, then you receive a full refund less admin fee and deposit


I’ve heard that the Air Force provides free training. You don’t have to fly fighters. You can fly C-17s. After the joining the Air Force, a lot of airlines would be wanting to hire you because you would have Air Force experience. I’m not sure which country you are located in, but here is the link to the Australian one. @CaptainDawud you should check this out as well. Pilots | Royal Australian Air Force | Defence Jobs Australia

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But you would be called to fight if there’re conflicts with other countries.

I really don’t know about Air Force courses but again, I guess they aren’t free. You’ll probably have to fly in the AF for a long while at low wages before they let you go.
Plus the selection process is even more selective, essentially when it comes to health.

I have never really envisaged to enroll in the army to be honest.

That is if you become a fighter pilot. I’m pretty sure you can choose to fly fighters or not.

No. Even if you’re flying in a transport squadron, you may be asked to fight in war zones.

If I remember good, you have the right to refuse a deployment once, then you must take it. In France at least. Maybe @Tyler_Shelton can provide some info concerning the USAF.


Doesn’t matter if you fly fighters or cargo aircraft, you’ll be called to fight. I think.

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If you fly cargo aircraft, you would have to transport stuff to the area of fighting (I think) but again, @Tyler_Shelton is the way to go for the USAF.

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Axel is right. You may deny a deployment one time, but then you’re required. Besides, why would you want to deny?! That’s what you join for! :)

I deployed within my first 9 months as an Airman. You encounter some “unique” situations, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of something greater than yourself. Ping me anytime if you have questions!


The hardships you’ll face are somewhat high but never give up and this video shows it all.

Although I respect his perseverance and his commitment, he was lucky to be allowed to take the exam.

In Europe, he would have been ‘black-listed’ after 4 fails. In real life though, after 2 fails it becomes hard to find a job. Your fails will follow you during your whole career.

In Europe it is still expensive to convert from military to civilian, years ago there used to be a conversion course but now, all the Exams have to be taken, the skills test etc so not really any point… As Axel said, your fails are a dark mark on your CV, any fails and airlines are reluctant to take you… I.e. EasyJet won’t accept your application if you failed your MEP CPL skills tests on the first attempt or the Instrument rating. They also only allow 1 retake in any 1ground school exam and a maximum of 3 retakes overall and many other airlines are the same… The first job is the most crucial and ones you have that under your belt and build hours up, it can be fairly easy to move


I think that becoming a pilot isn’t cheap. It doesn’t matter if an airline or your country pay for your instruction, you should have some previous training to be successful.

You don’t need ‘previous training to be successful’. It obviously helps and shows that you’re highly motivated but it’s not mandatory to be successful.


Join the airforce. In most countries you get paid to fly.

Revise your views, there is no “quick” nor “cheap” way of gaining an ATPL. And nor should there be. The best way to discover if you enjoy flying is to join a local flight club, do your ppl and go from there.

Only ever join the airforce of any country if that’s what you want, most places require over a decade of your life, and then afterwards you are still going to have to pay for a conversion course and Type Rating.

For further realistic and truthful advice please PM me and I can explain your options if there is anything you are unsure of.

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Exactly! If I joined the Raf if have to join for a minimum of 12 years!

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In the United Staes the Civil Air Patrol is a good way to go.

Cheap and aviation can’t be put in the same sentence lol