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This Airline Is Selling $0 Tickets To Dubai, Cape Town And Seychelles - The Huffington Post - US

How Airlines Are Selling Tickets to Europe for $69 - Travel + Leisure


THANKS FOR SHARING!!! might just plan a trip to Copenhagen…

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You can’t sell anything for $0. Its called giving away for free. False advertisement.


You can, the ticket is $0, then taxes and fees are not the responsibility of the airline but the customer.


why don’t you read the article before making a comment…

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Too late. I already made my comment. 😉

And people wonder why the quality and service of airlines has gone down the tubes.


There’s a garbage bin down at the bottom of your comments, why not try that?


Really? lol. Ill take that into consideration next time. Stay tuned. 😂👍🏼

Return it to the golden age where only the people who could afford it flew.

Not really, just a realistic price and a realistic expectation of the service provided.

The race to the bottom benefits no-one. :D

And spirit can fly you to DEN for 34 bucks,

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