Cheap Model Airplane Deals!

Hello IF Community! Today I was looking for some new model airplanes to add to my collection, and I stumbled upon some amazing aircraft on sale, many less than $30! I will put the link below! I though it was amazing how low the prices were for Geminijets models and Phoenix Models. I just wanted to share that with you guys!

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Many of these models are 50% off or more. I also found a code for when you are checking out that gives you 10% off. Here it is:


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I was able to buy a Phoenix model plane for $15! That is unheard of in the airplane model world. :)

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Amazing! Do you also have an airport model to accompany the model aircraft’s? That is something that I dream of having, Maybe someday.

Just a question : Are these aircrafts the same quality as the ones from the original modellers? For example Herpa’s original model?

I have an airport mat, but have not acquired the terminal yet. :)

I know for sure that Geminijets and Phoenix are almost identical in quality, but you can always research images and videos of the other planes if you are not sure. :)

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