Cheap Flights To New York


Me and my family want to go to New York in October but are struggling to find low fares. So I was wondering if anyone could help.


London (All Airports)-New York (All Airports)


Any Airline, connections acceptable



Try Virgin Holidays, believe me, they are great. We got amazing cheap flights with them too and from the same place


Try Frontier flight…nope, actually nope Frontier doesn’t fly that far.
Lol but seriously Virgin Holidays like Tom said does have low fares.


Virgin holidays and Norwegian has really cheap fares to the east coast!

Norwegian and Westjet(not sure if Westjet flies to NYC)

Norwegian, from my experience has been very expensive, even though they are a low cost airline. But that’s my experience

Well, I haven’t personally flew them, but I imagine it’s a “you get what you pay for” type of airline.

Norwegian and Virgin are great. I’d recommend Virgin Atlantic because their prices are cheap and their product is AMAZING. Virgin Premium Economy and even their Economy classes are unbeatable for trans-Atlantic flights to/from London.

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I flew to KSFO with Virgin and they were amazing.

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They truly are :) Premium Economy is amazing and definitely worth the money.

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What do you consider cheap? Google Flights shows some fares just under $400 round trip via Air France.

If anyone gets the chance, fly Virgin. I sound like I’ve been paid lol.

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I think Virgin is your best option.


I’d consider ‘cheap’ anything under £800 round trip in economy :)


What are the specific dates are you looking for?

15/16 Oct-20 Oct 2017

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Norwegian is quite good with deals, last year I saw return trips pp for £99

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Norwegian is good but Air India do cheap flights to Newark. Also Wow Air have cheap flights with a stop in Keflavik.

No one went with connections…

Cheapest in Economy according to Google

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I found the lowest fare at £325 with Wow and Norwegian with no checked baggage on a skyscanner search for flights out on 15th and flights home on the 20th. It’s slightly more expensive to go on the 16th.

You have to book separate tickets for each way, with the itinerary as follows:
Outbound 15th October
Wow Air 811
Dep LGW 11:40
Arr KEF 14:00

Stop in KEF 1h 10m

Wow Air 103
Dep KEF 15:10
Arr EWR 17:30

Return 20th October
Norwegian 7016
Dep JFK 23:00
Arr LGW 11:00 +1 day

If you want to check baggage, it will work out at £408, and you’ll fly this itinerary :
Outbound 15th October
Aer Lingus 155
Dep LHR 09:50
Arr SNN 11:15

Stop in SNN 1h 45m

Aer Lingus 101
Dep SNN 13:00
Arr EWR 15:45

Return 20th October
Aer Lingus 100
Dep EWR 17:40
Arr SNN 05:05 + 1 day

Stop in SNN 1h 25m

Aer Lingus 152
Dep SNN 06:30
Arr LHR 08:05