Chazdawg8819's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

(For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)

Also, please only use Remaining in the Pattern if you are doing pattern work/touch and goes! Otherwise, please use the departing north, south, east, west, or straight out command.

Wanting to practice ATC pattern work/sequencing.

Status: CLOSED
Airport: N/A
Server: Training
Ground and Tower Training

Runways in use:


On my way to help. Hope some others join 😏😏

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Thanks good 'ol buddy!

I’ll join in a bit

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Feedback for SE-NSE

-Transition ✔️

-Runway change first said unable, then you gave me a pattern entry for left downwind without sequence ⚠️

-Sequenced me when I called inbound ✔️

-Patten entry when I called inbound ✔️

My game crashed

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Will keep note for next time. Thank you for showing up!

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No problem thanks for the service

I was N76VT. Spin out the SR22! That’s par for the course.

I saw no issues for my flight. The plane behind me was going to need a go around.

Staying a while?

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I will be.

I will keep better note on separation. Thanks for stopping by!

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Hey! Sorry I couldn’t make it to this one. Feel free to tag me next time you’re open!

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For sure! Hope to see ya.

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Hey man. Overall a good session. I was PR-UDE
You will get quicker with the drop down menus over time and with more experience. Pro Tip Make Use Of Quick Key Commands they are a life saver.

Initial Inbound Entry was good

A bit late on the clearance

No need for an “after the option” after my first T&G on the same RW

RW change was good

After a runway change you need to give an “after the option” for the new runway

RW Exit was timely and correct

Good Job Buddy


Will make note and corrections. Thanks!

Still open for a bit if anyone wants to practice patterns!

Still open?

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I am! Will be here for a while since I have nothing better to do!

@chazdawg8819 I tried to sneak a pattern in at work but duty called, lol. Sorry! Feel free to tag me in the next session if you want

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I seen you take off then crash! Will definitely do for sure!

Yeah… as soon as my wheels lifted off the ground my work phone rang lol!!! I might try to squeeze back in if you’re still open.

I’ll be here most likely for an hour or 2