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Hello IFC

So today I thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a chat room?” I know IFC is at the mercy of discourse but I think it would be a great way for people to talk about general things about the sim. Before you scream at me “@Aviator_Airbus, that’s what #general is for talking about general stuff about the sim!” I want there to be a general chat room so people can just chat, not be confined to the topic that the are commenting on.

So tell me what you think, thanks!



Yah absolutely. People on this community have other things to chat about that should be put in to a good conversation. The members in this forum deserve somewhere to chat that’s not categorized as off topic by a mod.


There is one for Regulars. That is their own special thing, so let’s let that be our goal till we achieve TL3. :)


I believe platforms such as Facebook covers this. Moderating a forum chat room will turn into a disaster when the flags come a flying and so on.

The Infinite Flight Community was based on good civil discussions and unfortunately there are times where folks can’t compose themselves or they push things way too far.


A chat room for all, to talk about all for the simulator sound excelent! I liked the idea bro!

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I really love and totally agree with this idea

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Dont we already have group PM’s? That basically serves the same purpose.


Hehe not gonna happen… This has been proposed since September 2015


Is there a place where a majority of the IFC already gather that has chat functions that I’m unaware of? Besides here of course?

@Jshnlsn There is Slack channels for multiple VA’s and there is one for IFVARB. I think there are a couple of Discord’s as well. That’s about it as far as I know.


Please no. There are plenty of places to argue about things on the Internet already, and even with this being a moderated forum, the mods have to work overtime to keep even that structured model from becoming a runaway train of ad hominem nonsense.

I’m sure there is a Reddit channel or two or ten that can quench your thirst. Or Facebook. Or Twitter. Or the SnapBook and FaceChat or whatever those crazy kids are up to these days, when not busy injesting laundry detergent.


That’s sound great! I’m agree

P.S. Sorry for my bad writing, but I don’t speak english

What a good idea 💡 when you say just chat about stuff do you really mean anything Eg: Flights in real life? (I don’t actually need that answer just an example) It will probably go onto the Mods list of ideas
Warm Regards Un Ex

Guys it’s quite simple it won’t happen in the general forum period.

This forum is set up to discuss Infinite Flight as well as touching on some Real World Aviation. If you want to talk about other subjects there are plenty of other places to do so.

The regulars do have a feature to discuss non IF topics, however this is only available to Regulars so a good reason to work towards becoming a TL3, of course that comes with added responsibility.

Happy flying all!


I think is a great idea, a chat to talk about the game freely within restrictiions of course just respect to each other. thumb up!

If that would only work. People have problems even showing respect to each other in here. And we know how great the Discord chats work out…


For your info there already is a feature similar to this for regulars and above! I do however think it is not a good idea for all as it may just get out of hand and turn chaotic! If you would like to see this implemented ou should make a poll in #features and it may happen!!!

IT sounds Great, we should have that chat room no the forum

I think it’d be even cooler to have the feasted seatbelts and more announcements feature on the plane. Maybe even add gates where you can taxi to and connect the plane to.

Go to #features if you want this. However, Infinite Flight Assistant and IF PAX are 2 great apps that run alongside IF using the IF API.