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This doesn’t work, sorry. One of the reasons why ATC on Infinite Flight appeals to me is the captioning they have when issuing commands. This is SUCH a huge help, as I am deaf. Technically I can hear with my hearing aids, but I use sound + lip-reading to understand people IRL, and captioning to determine what a voice is saying on media (such as movies, apps, etc.). This is due to the fact that lip-reading isn’t quite as possible, since there isn’t an actual, physical being there. There are some exceptions, however, such as Skype calls. I can understand people on those fine, and hearing commands on tower alone (since all the commands are preset- nothing else can be said).

In fact, the great help that the developers gave in terms of ATC made me actually want to be one, since I fell in love with shuttling planes in and out of airports safely. Sadly, it won’t happen, since my hearing isn’t good enough to disginuish real ATC chatter. If the FAA implemented something in the term of CaptionCall phones someday (Google it up), then it might be possible.

IF’s ATC is the only way I can go, so I’ll have to stick to that.

@matt, @philippe, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for implementing ATC logs and pre-captioning and preset commands. You guys have made my ATC dreams at least possible on this app.


@StikLover2 "Here’s looking at you Kid " (Bogart/Film:Casablanca) No pun intended. I’ll be watching for your call sing. Maybe we can do a formation go in Caravans sometime. (I have ahearing impairment to. Not as severe, to many
Laud noises, like the sound of freedom (Afterburner Blast), gun fire and Ramp Noise.)
See you in flight. Warm Regards,Max Sends


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made a “ATC Voice Server” is the solution?


The amount of issues involved with everybody talking over one another is too high to seriously consider this. It would be a nightmare, and painfully unmanageable.


But in the real world they it also works and you most have much frecueties


Stop promoting Zello.

In real world there are also trained pilots and ATCs ;)


I tink it is a good idea that you can real talk with the pilot.
now with messages but with our real voice.
no the are many hello channels but if we do that in the game everyone can use it and then there is one channel


Add a server where you can either type or talk to other planes and ATC.


I an sorry but not want to promot zello


this is my idea, already said.


Not really, no…


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Theoretically, I could see something like this working. I’m hard of hearing, so a captioning translation would help tremendously. The kind of thing that the devs would have to do in order to parallel the CaptionCall technology for this sort of thing is considerable, so you would have to think about that too. Though, I suppose it really isn’t all that different from the fact that you can “talk” to Siri and she’ll understand you.

I can’t stress the importance of at least getting a system where voice can be at least translated adequately to captioning.


Playground server chat:

“boeing 747 landing NOW”
random child screaming
“all planes clear for takeoff”
young child basically eating his microphone “I am…airbus…66- I HATE YOU”


That’s what you have volunteer moderators for ;)


That would be good because if you are on the advanced server you should be able to communicate like pilots actually do.


More playground chat (KLAX, Southern California):
“Airbus 767 taking off now!” (Random seven year old)
“N123AB is flying into the runway!” (Troll)
“No I am taking off!” (another random seven year old)
“I won the race!” (Racing enthusiast)
“Tam 354, requesting flight following to nearest chaos-free airfield” (Real life pilot, TAP)


I volunteer as tribute.

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