Chat in multiplayer

This would be a fun feature when your cruising and want to talk to other pilots.


I’d add it to the advanced server so you would be less likely to have spammers.


I think a talking option would be really cool, typing would definitely be great though. There are tons of times when I want to communicate with other plans, and having the option would definitely add to the community experience.

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This is an area we want to improve but as @AviationJunkie mentioned, there would be moderation costs. This is something we can’t ignore since we have a lot of kids playing Infinite Flight and there are strict laws in many countries. If you want to know more about this read this article about a multiplayer game (LEGO Universe) that had to shut because moderation cost were too huge. Granted that we don’t have a trademark this big to protect, we also have a fraction of their budget :smile:

Giving a simple In Game text chat options for advanced player that maintain good standing is an option, but we still need to have an easy way for ppl to report abuse and moderate.
Voice chat would be nice but it very tricky: bandwidth, lag, quality and simply the vast diversity of voice tone and accent that can make communications harder would be a problem. TTS in mobile devices is starting to get really good, I feel we just need to improve our system a bit, have different voices for each pilot on a same frequency, and improve the UX for sending message and we could get something that is far better than what we have today.

I should probably write a FAQ about this since the question seems to be asked often.


Someone suggested teamspeak a couple of days ago. That wan’t a bad idea.

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I wanted this mainly so when your flying with a jet following an aircraft you could connect with them

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They should make an advanced server with text or talk

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I understand why you (and other) want it. I hope you understand why it is not as easy as flipping a switch. There are actually not many games on mobile with such feature and most PC game usually rely on an external service.

We could have a server that require ppl to connect to an external teamspeak server and disables all commands. The problem with this is that you most likely need a separate device and not everyone has accee to multiple devices.

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And as far as I know that game is super laggy no?

Hmmm yes WOT if blitz is anything like the full box PC version, voice chat functionality, it’s worse than XBOX-Live for being abused and sworn at in lobby.

The IFWP Alaska group uses Zello (iOS/Android App) to communicate on group flights. Of course this means you need 2 devices; one for flying and one for communicating. It works very well thought, and you can make group channels on zello for many people to communicate. I’d recommend (since @philippe has pointed out the very obvious challenges with this), that you start a thread with a Zello (for example) channel people can join if they’re interested in flying with you. Easy peasy.

I’m not a massive fan of a push for spoken ATC or chatting on multiplayer. If someone provides their name in their call sign/display name, it should be easy enough to find them on these forums, IFFG, IFWP etc.

Also I’m not for spoken ATC due to spam, the noise disruption if playing somewhere not silent and the in depth knowledge needed by every controller. I think most controllers on the ADV server, inc myself, would be fine. I worry about some who wouldn’t though and it may deter them.


I think a new feature that allows pilots to connect their headphones which has a microphone to the device which they are playing the game, and same with the controllers so that we can talk to eachother as they do in the real world and connect to either tower, approach or ground depending on whether your talking off, landing or taxing and instead of messaging them we talk to them. And to stop users being abbusive you can report anyone who isn’t following rules, and just as they do in the real world each pilot connected to the same requency should be able to hear what is being said, & also to stop too many people speaking at the same time this is where you can introduce the messages so that you have to ask to actually speak then the controller grants you permission to request something and so on or something along those lines.
I hope you understand what I’m trying to say, I hope you guys agree.

Did you ever heard a real ATC session?
Pretty hard to understand :smile:


Fair enough, I just thought it would be a way of controlling so many people asking one person for permission to land or take off and stuff like that, but yeaa

This doesn’t work, sorry. One of the reasons why ATC on Infinite Flight appeals to me is the captioning they have when issuing commands. This is SUCH a huge help, as I am deaf. Technically I can hear with my hearing aids, but I use sound + lip-reading to understand people IRL, and captioning to determine what a voice is saying on media (such as movies, apps, etc.). This is due to the fact that lip-reading isn’t quite as possible, since there isn’t an actual, physical being there. There are some exceptions, however, such as Skype calls. I can understand people on those fine, and hearing commands on tower alone (since all the commands are preset- nothing else can be said).

In fact, the great help that the developers gave in terms of ATC made me actually want to be one, since I fell in love with shuttling planes in and out of airports safely. Sadly, it won’t happen, since my hearing isn’t good enough to disginuish real ATC chatter. If the FAA implemented something in the term of CaptionCall phones someday (Google it up), then it might be possible.

IF’s ATC is the only way I can go, so I’ll have to stick to that.

@matt, @philippe, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for implementing ATC logs and pre-captioning and preset commands. You guys have made my ATC dreams at least possible on this app.