Chat GPT about Infinite Flight!

With the recent emergence of ChatGPT, a chatbot trained and generated for civil use I tried to test it out. I came up with an idea to ask it if it would know about Infinite flight, and guess what:
take a look at the answer

It’s really cool! Satisfying too!


I tested it with virtual airlines and other and the bot answered good at all questions , IFATC questions too


Really cool to see what the future (and frightening) is bringing!

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The fact that this exists is scary, but also really cool!

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Excellent Chat, I even wrote to him talking about server violations and he explained it well. :)

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Despite the fact that this is truly terrifying, I’m quite fascinated by AI too lol

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I thought like maybe IF is not so popular (at least to my knowledge) for regular aviation enthusiast because they tend to choose MSFS or other sim such as X-Plane etc.

An then boom suddenly it just answer me in-and-out intel about IF! Really fascinating!👀

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