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Was wondering today during a flight, I recognized a username on LiveFlight from another unrelated network, and wanted to shoot the guy a message somehow to see if it was the same person I was thinking of, but couldn’t. What if we got an inflight chatroom going where you could search for an online callsign, and start a chat with whoever was on the other end of the line? Has this been discussed before?

This has been discussed, however there is a large potential for abuse and trolling. As neat as this would be, it would be tough to implement successfully, although it would be quite nice with the addition of aerial refueling.


Ah. How is it that Vatsim has no trolls though? Just implement those rules of CoC? :)

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That’s honestly a good question, and something I’m unsure about.

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A strict set of rules would snap folks into shape if they really cared about the network.

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VATSIM uses few trusted and respected members to work. On a scale like IFs, the moderation requirement would be unnecessarily large.


Not sure that is gonna work with 11 year old trolls trying to define the word “ATC”.


Yes, but this sort of thing would require an insane amount of moderation, which frankly IF doesn’t have. The IFC moderators are busy enough here as it is.

I’m misunderstanding. What do you mean? Is it that there is just too much work for IF mods to implement CoC rules?

It would be nice, maybe FDS can develop an automated system that detects abuse or profanity and can cause a user ghost or a 48 hour ban from the chat. It’s a nice request but it needs to be thought out more,
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This is a good idea but I feel like it would get abused and there would be a lot of spammers. If there was a good way to regulate and moderate the chat then it would be better.

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Well, I suppose it would. VATSIM was an organization. started up by a third party though, and I guess that’s what would be best here, too, but to go about that, idk how that would work. Third party in relation to the MS Games multiplayer system, whatever that was called.

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I think there should be an age limit to play Infinite Flight…kinda like games like GTA and such you need to be 17 most of the times. I think 13 or 14 years is enough cause if it was higher some of the IFC members wouldn’t be able to play. I think it might decrease the trolling but not make it extinct because there will always be grown-ups who either troll on purpose or have no clue how to fly.

A chat function in any game often breaks game requirements set by the ERSB and the abuse of it would be hard to manage.
VATSIM works because it is a small, closely detailed, organization that is more of a community and not a chatroom.
The number of mature pilots playing Infinite Flight is a lot lower than you think and I am sure that this feature would not accomplish anything in terms of realism but would be a disaster for the app itself.


Something to keep in mind is the platform. Due to VATSIM being used on PCs and ultra-realistic flight sims/hardware (for a large portion of people anyways), the user base is overall much more devoted, knowledgeable, and professional. Due to the mobile nature and relatively easy access of iF, the user base is different in many ways.

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Honestly, the running rule for any online organization is that you have to be at least 13 years old. Every online game, forum, whathaveyou, that is the legal age. Doesn’t mean anyone follows it… a lot of us are probably guilty of it, even. And every community has rules to follow. VATSIM and IVAO have both forum and simulation rules to follow. IF has rules, too, but just not to the same extent as VATSIM/IVAO, because it doesn’t have the whole two-way radio/chat simulation that the desktop networks have.

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Well…you could argue that. I am pretty sure you don’t have to be 13 to play Minecraft…

Very true. A lot less dedication required to fly this. Even though some of us treat it like all simulators, a “job”. Lol… ducks

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Legally, every game except those rated ‘eC’ for youth, if it contains any online function you must be of 13 years of age. However, most communities such as IF and the Minecraft Community are much more laid back when it comes to these rules.


Lol my gf’s five y/o sister plays that on her dad’s iPad 😝

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