Chasing the Sunset from Washington to Washington

@ToasterStroodie and I decided to embark on a flight today. Now, this is a rare occurrence; Danny is a busy ramp agent and student, and I simply have no interest in flying with him anyway.

We chose a route I personally have never flown before: KIAD to KSEA; Washington Dulles to Seattle, Washington; Washington to Washington. This meant a strong headwind for us paired with a beautiful sunset the whole way—as long as we kept up. Needless to say, we were way low on fuel and ended up barely making it with about 20 minutes remaining. @Joao_Christ handled us seamlessly into Seattle and thus made sure we could get our passengers down to the ground safely and comfortably, though “comfortably” only applies to my aircraft.

Before we begin, we would like to give a shoutout to our sponsors: @DeltaVirtual Tea Time™, “Quenching the Thirst of Inactivity" since 1995; and @TaipeiGuru’s Sensational Seattle Tours, “Seeing Seattle Like No Other” since today.


Danny, we forgot @LordWizrak!

InfiniteFlight_2022-02-27-03-17-53 2

RMIS == “Report Mountain in Sight”


Some students enjoy Greek life; Danny and I enjoy flying too close to the sun.
Hint: think Delta and Icarus.


@ToasterStroodie emerging from within in the fog. Welcome back(?) to Washington.


As @NJ24 would say, these pictures are “Muyyyyy Bien.” Nice stuff, Luca.


Hold on a minute, I know I’m busy studying the side effects of psychedelics and probably getting on one hell of a trip in doing so, but why didn’t you even bother calling me for this one?


Finally someone bold enough to say it


So that’s why your app “crashed” on the trip from LAX-MAD. SMH.

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Muy bien pictures indeed!

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How many cool screenshots! Glad you liked my service! 😉

P.S.: Be careful wirth your fuel next time so your plane doesn’t fall to the ground halfway through! 😂

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Nice photos Lucaaaaaa! Hope you and Toasty had a good flight in the A220

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I knew it had something to do with this 🤣 nice shots Luca!

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Why isn’t this person assigned as an artist??

Great work

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Why are we supporting the third worst airport in the DC region Danny…

Luca did you manage to be the only person in this universe to land harder than @RTG113 ? In the A223 as well?!?

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Yes Yes, flying to places with the same name. Not a coincidence is it. Beautiful!

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Can you please tell me how you did the third picture it’s sooooo good

Sure thing! I paused the replay and went to the Free Camera. From there, I traveled quite a bit out from the aircraft in a direction away from the Sun. I lined up the aircraft with the Sun and then double-tapped my screen to focus/zoom-in on the aircraft. You can do this with the Moon, Sun, any group of planes, mountains, etc.

Oh ok…just one thing if you zoom, won’t the resolution go down?

I guess it’s less of a zoom and more of a reframing. All of my photos were done with that double-tap method except for the cockpit photo. Any poor resolution you see is mainly just Discourse I think; they look crystal clear on my end.

Okay thank you very much