Chartered Flight BBJ 737 . Long Haul!

Just finished my route from KEFLAVIK to TAHITI . This is my longest chartered flight yet . Everything go smooth as plan . Flying this narrow body over 15 hours and 30 minutes ! Impressive as a narrow body airplane ! Here some shot over the journey !

Taking off runway 34 at Keflavik,Iceland

Somewhere in Canada ♥️

Beautiful scenery shot over USA

Leaving the land

Over pacific ocean ! Nothing to see 😂

Before descend to Tahiti !

Buckle up ! Prepared to land !

On final Runway 04 Tahiti Intl Airport !

Touchdown runway 04 . Great job !

Back taxi ⏳

Safely arrived and parked after more than 15 hours flight ! Rest time to pilot at this beautiful island !


Very nice!


Thank you! 😊

Must be very rich passengers on board !

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Having a lot of money . Passengers love to travel 🤭

How did you do a 15 hour flight in a BBJ?


Just like normal flight . Set full fuel and number of passengers . For this BBJ usually seat between 25-50 but i choose to put 12 . And the most important is step climbing . After more than 15 hrs in flight , i still have lot of fuel balance .

Damm I should try lol

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I did this light a while ago.


i had 5min of fuel left

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Oh hey, i recognize you in-game :D
Always departing from IPH on your short hauls XD

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How much fuel did you prepare

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Nice one ! I also fly the 900 variant bbj more than 5,000nm

100% Full fuel

Exactly 💯 . IPH is my home base . Before getting this far , i started from IPH and then continued where the last flight ended . I’ll back to IPH soon !

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Cool cool.
Have a nice flight back, capt’n! 😃

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Pushing the 737 to its absolute limit yes

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Thank you!

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Actually the 737 has a lot more range than people usually think! A few days ago I flew from Seattle to Mumbai and here OP did a very long flight as well!

Beautiful shots, OP! Good job!


Beautiful pics! :D

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