Charter- Minneapolis to Santiago (A359)

Departure City: Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (KMSP)
Arrival City: Santiago, Chile (SCEL)
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Livery: Infinite Flight 10th Anniversary
Flight Time: 10 hours, 18 minutes
Server: Expert

Hello from Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport’s T1! Me and 55 others from the 3M team showed up around 7:00 PM, for our charter alll the way down to Santiago. We had a last minute potential big deal with a manufacturer in Santiago, and a charter was the only way to get everyone needed down there in a timely manner.

We dropped our bags and cleared TSA like all the other passengers, and then boarded the A350-900 that would fly us the 10 hours down south to Chile’s capital city.

My seat was just above the baggage door. The A350 is configured in an all business class sort of situation, with a capacity of 110 passengers. It’s extremely comfortable, with full recline seat and supple legroom. The large IFE screens and high speed Wi-Fi were a huge plus.

After pushing back, we taxied to the runway and took off into the darkening sky above Minnesota. The A350 is extremely quiet inside the cabin, and the drone of the engine put about half the passengers to sleep within 10 minutes of takeoff.

Somewhere deep into Missouri, the seatbelt sign flicked on as we skimmed the top of some huge thunderstorms, creating some bumpy conditions. The flight attendants, however, weren’t deterred, and began the elaborate late night snack service. I chose the fresh fruit and Greek salad dish, with a side of fresh baked bread rolls and honey butter.

After hours of cruising, when the cabin was dead silent, I still couldn’t sleep. After toying around with the entertainment screen for a bit, I discovered the delightful tail camera on. I got this picture somewhere southeast of Costa Rica, over the ocean.

Just south of Lima, the first light of the day began to peek out from behind the horizon, at about 3:00 AM local. Most of the people onboard seemed to be asleep. I used this time to stretch my legs one final time before encountering the rough air near the Chilean border the captain had warned about.

The sun rose over the mountains of Northern Chile, and the breakfast service began. I had an extremely tasty meal with freshly squeezed orange juice, a chia pudding with fresh fruit, and a delicious eggs Benedict with a hollandaise sauce. As promised, the turbulence picked up considerably as we all chowed down on our breakfasts.

After a winding, bumpy decent through the mountains, we came down on out short final onto Runway 14R. Winds were still and the weather was perfect (albeit a little chilly) for our arrival.


We got in with the morning rush, and were directed to a gate on the opposite side of the airport where a jetbridge was connected to our plane. Customs took a while, but we were soon shuttled off to our hotel in downtown.

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