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This is the BRBBQ3 approach into Memphis, the approach I am currently flying. As you can see, I’ve annotated it a little, specifically my points of confusion. Look at the first highlighted number which reads 6000. I read this as “maintain 6000 feet MSL”. Then, you see my next highlighted point at BEERT, which reads “below 12000 and above 10000”. So to me, this tells me to descend to 6000 feet, but then climb to 11000. I’m somewhat confident that you are not supposed to climb on a descent chart, so where am I reading this wrong? Any help is appreciated.

I did read over that, it didn’t answer my question though…

The ones without the lines above or below the text are MEAs Minimum enroute altitude so that’s as low as you can go. The ones with the lines above and below are where you need to be for the approach. Line above means do not go above that altitude. Line below means do not go below that altitude. ✌️

Also search the flight planning series part 3 it is covered there in depth.


Altitudes along the routes are the minimum level they can be flown at, whereas the levels at intersections between lines are ATC altitude limits.

The 6000’ you have highlighted simply means a minimum of 6000ft. In reality, this would be flown somewhere over 10000ft if the altitude limits are being followed.

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Here you go. Kind of comprehensive.


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