Charlotte To Saint Thomas US Virgin islands

Permitted planes American 757 Delta A350 United 767 Spirit A320 American 767 American 787 American 737 and Delta 717

United and Delta are at Concourse A &American is at concourses DBCE and A
Permitted runways runway 18 center and 18 right flight takes off at nine central time space between five minutes apart permitted altitudes 33,000 to 35,000‘ 250 kn below 10,000 feet the signal for the flyer to begin will be win American 1195 which is me starts taxing I will get the Unicom taxi clearance after that everybody wait one minute and we lineup on the two runways then when I say take time taking off the fly out beginsYou’re only 10 gates at Saint Thomas so be careful with how many planes are on the server usually casual server for this fly out

Uhhh… What is this for exactly?

It’s for fun it’s just a flyout

In fact my profile picture is me at Saint Thomas about to go to Charlotte I flew there this spring break on a 757 from American

Alright, then feel free to create an event or a group flight. Not sure what this is doing in #general.

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Please repost this in the #live:groupflights category following the category guidelines I linked below:

Edit: Seems the timing makes it an #live:events, so please follow the advice from @Tsumia below.

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We can’t tell because I can’t see any specific time.

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I said nine central time 9central tomorrow

In that case, it belongs in #live:events. Please follow the correct formatting as per guidelines.