Charlotte to Saint Thomas🇻🇮Event @ KCLT - 010200ZMAY20KCLT

Summary: _Charlotte to St. Thomas US Virgin Islands🇻🇮

Server: *Casual

Airport: *Charlotte Douglas KCLT

Time: 2z 9:00 Pm Central May 1/2020

This event is a three hour flight from Charlotte to St. Thomas Airlines and planes permitted are American 757American 767 American 787 American 737 Delta 717 Delta A350 Spirit A320 Delta 757 and united 767 There are only 10 gates at Saint Thomas At Charlotte United and Delta are at Concourse A along with spirit American is that all concourses.Permitted runways 18 center and 18 right

Can i do it?


Please take a look at the topic linked below for information regarding how to format your event topic and title.

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Anybody is welcome as long as you choose any of the permitted planes ✈️ and airlines

Btw I don’t know if the B787 can fit at St. Thomas

I’ve seen A350s in Infinite Flight fly to Saint Thomas and be fine usually American flies the 737 and the 757. But according to the runway length the 787 should be able to land at St. Thomas

Along with what @Declan_O said, here are some good examples to follow when making an event :)


What time zone are u refering too? Im GMT (Irish time)

2 o’clock Zulu time which is 9:00 PM in Texas which is where I live

Ok ill take a look

It happens at 3am here so i cant make it sorry :(

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