Charlotte to Miami! First Screenshots And Videos Topic

This flight was from KCLT-KMIA around 10:00 AM on the expert server with IFATC services at both locations!

I am parked at the gate putting in my information for takeoff with a 757 who is next to me.

I am taxing to the runway for takeoff to Miami!

I have just tookoff on my way to Miami!

I am at cruise calculating my descent.

I am doing my descent into Miami with approach controller.

I have the airport to my sight and ready for landing.

Butter landing. 🤩

I am taxing to my gate.

Parked at the gate deplaning the passengers.

To finish off a ATC picture this is busy!

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Really cool pictures!

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Thank you!

I love them shots bro, I wish I can go to Miami today but the round trip to Zimbabwe took me too long sooo, I had to cancel it

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Thank you! I’m sorry you couldn’t go to Miami.

Nice shots! Looks quite busy in Miami like always when featured!

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Thank you yeah I figured why not.

Nice shots! Keep it up!

Great pictures!

Lovely photos. Well done