Charlotte Specials, Cargo Classics, and Golden Hour!


So, I’m back to spotting! Well, I was never a regular plane spotter. But yesterday, I went to KCLT and went spotting. This time, I used a real camera! You heard that right folks, I didn’t use a phone camera, I used a real camera! And you know what? It was awesome! So that means I’m definitely going to do more spotting in the future, because I can get good photos now! So, when I was at KCLT, I caught some rare planes. An A300 and 3 of AA’s special liveries (I have photos of 2). So what am I waiting for, let’s see those photos!

The first catch of the day, N993AT, a Delta 717. This guy sat here the whole time I was at the KCLT overlook, so I got to look at my favorite plane that flies to KCLT the whole time.

I love this angle. An Airbus A319 banks to the west as it departs from runway 36C. I think the clouds add so much to this photo, and they also contrast it against the rest.

The first special of the day, N837NN in the OneWorld livery! This one is extremely backlit, but I had to post this. It’s only my 3rd time seeing a special AA livery at KCLT.

Next up is another AA 737-800. But sadly this one isn’t a special livery. But I do love this angle though, and the lighting. This is the definition of golden hour right here.

Just after the OneWorld 737, I saw this UPS A300 departing. It was really loud even though it took off from 36R instead of 36C/18C (the runway where the overlook is).

At the tail end of golden hour, I caught this E-175, N437YX. I personally love how crisp this photo is and even though the lighting isn’t as bright, it’s still amazing.

Another special livery, the Allegheny Airlnes retro A319, also known as N745VJ. The control tower in the foreground makes this photo great in my opinion, even though the plane’s quality isn’t the best.

Here we see an A321, N584UV, flying above the traffic at KCLT. While some of these planes were just parked, there was still lots of activity on the apron as well. Now that golden hour is over and the sun is setting, I needed to change my editing style, and I think this one came out pretty well.

And now, time for my personal favorite from my spotting trip. N812NN, a 737-800, lifts off early from runway 36C, in front of the control tower. Everything just came together perfectly for this photo. The control tower, the hangar in the background, the planes on the ground, everything.

Thank you so much for stopping by! This is my first ever time spotting with a real camera (I would’ve done it earlier but I forgot), so I would love some feedback on how I could improve. I personally think I’ve come so far since my first spotting topic, and I’m exited to get better.

Fun fact: I almost met @CLTaviation13 by sheer coincidence, but we missed each other by 30 minutes.

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Camera: Cannon EOS 350D
Editing Software: Pixlr E


Amazing Photos!

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Thank you Josh!

A300’s are truly a beautiful sight

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Indeed they are, it was awesome to see one!

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a300 Airbus non side stick

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Nice photos!

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Thanks alot, @MJP_27!

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Nice! I’ll have to go back out there soon.

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You should, it was great there! No problems whatsoever so it’s safe even with social distancing and stuff.

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I was out there recently, the distancing is not bad. Most people are in their cars anyways

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Haha! Nice shots!


Thank you!

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