Charlotte, Here We Come! @ KMSP - 061300ZAUG18

Charlotte, Here We Come! @ KMSP - 061300ZAUG18

Today, we come over to the USA, and head over to Charlotte in the American Airlines MD-11.

The target of this event is to do a classic AA Flight in Old Colours.


Route: Minneapolis St. Paul (KMSP) -> Charlotte Douglas (KCLT)
Time and Date: August 6, 2018 1:00 PM
ETE: Approx. 2hrs 15mins
Aircraft: American Airlines MD-11
Server: Expert
Crz. Altitude: FL350
Crz. Speed: 300kts (Indicated Air Speed)


Ground And Tower @ KMSP:
Departure @ KMSP:
Ground And Tower @ KCLT:
Approach @ KCLT:

Gates - Terminal 1

Terminal 1 (A)

Gate T1 A1 -
Gate T1 A2 -
Gate T1 A3 -
Gate T1 A4 -
Gate T1 A5 -
Gate T1 A6 -
Gate T1 A7 -
Gate T1 A8 -
Gate T1 A9 -
Gate T1 A10 -
Gate T1 A11 -
Gate T1 A12 -
Gate T1 A13 -
Gate T1 A14 -

Terminal 1 (B)

Gate T1 B1 -
Gate T1 B2 -
Gate T1 B3 -
Gate T1 B4 -
Gate T1 B5 -
Gate T1 B6 -
Gate T1 B7 -
Gate T1 B8 -
Gate T1 B9 -
Gate T1 B10 -
Gate T1 B11 -
Gate T1 B12 -
Gate T1 B13 -
Gate T1 B14 -
Gate T1 B15 -
Gate T1 B16 -

For cruise speed, you might want to put it in Mach speeds because when you are above FL280, AP switches to mach speed. Makes it easier on the pilots. Just a suggestion, I know that if you set 300 before 280 it will stay there. :)


To add on to what @MrMrMan said
I’d recommend putting the universal time feature as many pilots don’t know Zulu time conversions.
Also wouldn’t the event make more sense if the origin was an AA hub?
Not trying to change or bring hate in but,I think DFW or MIA would be a better origin

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When did someone say you have to depart from a hub? AA flies this route non stop.

I’ve changed it to Universal.

I’m not saying it has to be from a hub,I’m saying it would kinda make for sense but it’s all up to u:)

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