Charlotte Expansion-What will it take

if you look at the outer edge of the Charlotte region there should be about 4 airports that pop out. KRDU, KFAY, KMYR, and KCHS. I have been pushing for this to be a thing for years now, and for such a small edit it would bring so much more use out of the charlotte region. @DIsraelFDS @matt I’ll do whatever is needed for this, and I have said so before. This region honestly would have enough use you could just about make it a paid region. Anyway I need you to tell me what to do and I will get to work on it, and if it is a definite no, then ok but i still want to help with the game. My email is if you want to contact me privately.
Kendall Hart


Any news on this? I would strongly like to see KRDU (my hometown) and the others.

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Every airport will be renovated/added for global flight.