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Charlotte Spotting - @ KCLT

Hello there!

Welcome to my second ever spotting topic here on IFC.
Last time, I spotted at my home airport, Richmond (KRIC).

I decided Charlotte as my second spotting location because, first, it has a dedicated aircraft overlook at the airport. Second, I was already near Charlotte to visit family, so why not do a little spotting? ;)

Today, I spotted the takeoffs for Runway 36C at Charlotte using my Pixel 2 as the camera.

AA1609 in the A321 off to Miami.

AA2094 taking off on its way to Nashville in the 737-800.

DL2597 taking off on its way to Atlanta in the 717.

Quite a sight to see, the new SunCountry livery in the 737-800 crossing Runway 36C.

Now now now, before you start saying “Nick, this is literally the most pixelated and crappiest picture I’ve seen in my life” or “Nick, sorry to break the news, but this breaks the rules for the spotting category, gonna have to close”.

Now, let’s assume this is a picture clear 4K resolution image I just took, okay? Hanging with me? Good.

Now, the good part, and the bad part.

So, the very faint aircraft you see in the background landing near the ATC tower is a Lufthansa A350-900. Now, it was literally blue skies and happy days five seconds before (exaggeration just play along with it okay). I was ready for a good picture, than it got dark, then it got rainy, then it got, boom boom thunderstorms. I couldn’t not include the A350… because it’s the A350, I’ve never seen it before, so I thought it was worthy to be in here.

The spotting area we’re at gives you perfect views for 36C, but not 36R, where the Lufthansa A350 landed… sad days, I know, but hey, now you know what that pixelated photo is, an A350.

Well, uh, that’s my spotting photos. I really took a lot more, but ya know, it’s the hub of American Airlines, so you’d literally be drooling of boredom because I’d literally only be showing you American CRJ-700s and American A320s, so, you’re welcome.

If you’re interested in seeing more of my spotting photos, make sure to check out my instagram.


Yeah CLT spotting is like that so I come for the heavies or when Flightradar says the special liveries are coming. CLT’s expansion plan will get rid of that spotting location though in a couple years if the current plan isnt changed to add a runway there. I also prefer the parking deck as you can see all the runways.

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Yay! You used a Pixel!! No need to have a fancy camera just use your phone!! I spot with a pixel and these are great pics for a Pixel 👌

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Ah, really? Well, if they do I’ll go to the parking spot like you said. Most heavies usually takeoff and land on 36R, while the spotting overlook is mainly good to see arrivals and departures for 36C.

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what arrivals lol they use OTP for that on a good day 36C/18C gets arrivals but 90% of the time they all go OTP 36L/18R

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Well, right when I left the spotting overlook (It was getting very stormy), I checked FR24 while we were on the highway, and they switched the arrivals to 18C because the storm was on the other side of the airport, so it’d make more sense to use 18C for a bit. But yeah, usually they use 36C for departures.

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We do have a nice overlook, don’t we?

No registration I see?🤨

Didn’t read the huge passage I see 🤨


Well on the 717, the registration isn’t visible at all. Has nothing to do with pixilation.

But what is the big deal? I honestly don’t understand, It’s a spotting thread. I get it is “against” on the spotting regulations, but it follows everything else. If you’d like to discuss or respond to this, please respond via PM.

You’re not going to be able to see the registration anyway, the way @Niccckk is situated it is behind the left engine

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