Charlotte Douglas- Frequency Open

Alrighty, people. I’m opening up Charlotte Douglas (on the Playground server) again to get some practice in for the ATC exams. Hop on, and fly around the lovely “part” of NC.

Feel free to remain in the pattern in order for me to practice my pattern instructions. Spawning in at other airports and flying in for landing is also appreciated.

As usual, chime in with your opinions/remarks on how I’ve done, and point out if I’ve done anything wrong! See you on the flip side!

-I will be Ground & Tower. The frequencies should be open for at least an hour, hopefully.-


(@StikLover2). Answered the call Stick… Quality007 a Caravan. Initially spotted about 300mtrs from 23. Watched traffic noted you were working 2 in the pattern a trash hauler and a 14 bouncing using the long runways. Did’t feel like the long Taxi to the 8/10000 footers. Since I was close to 23, cheap and Did’t want to waste time and burn gas I opted for the 7500 footer so I would not interfere with the Touch & Go guys who need lotsa roll out room. Checked the METAR 0000/10 mi. Requested 23 twice, rejected twice so I said Good Day he just don’t get it. Tennytiney planes don’t belong on long runways when short ones are available I believe. They just screw up the flow I believe. So I checked out. Went North did some donuts outside your outer ring to see if I could bait you and get a guard msg, you did’t bite, Good Man. Next trick a transition to any long runway to the south for T&G’s with short finals just to screw up the flow. We got a start, ya gave me a 1500’ transition altitude which was my level at the time, no chg needed, great! Then you went off the air… Watched ya for about 20 minutes, you did good! Post another Training session and I’ll watch for it and try to screw you up just for grins! Do Good Work Mr. Controller, I think your just about ready for the big time, Regards, Mad Max

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@Maxmustang… Glad you could make it! I had directed you to Runway 05 in order to accommodate traffic flow, as you stated. If you were to take off on the other end of the runway, you would be flying right into the flight path of that Trash Hauler on final. Safety first for everyone!

It was heartening to hear your observations… Though, to a normal 'ol civilian, it would be creepy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, again, I will state that you were still cleared on that 7500 footer runway- just at 05, not 23, for the reason I stated above.

As for fringing on airspace, it’s good to hear about that little test. You weren’t doing anything crazy, and your time in my airspace was limited to those donuts, so there was no reason to “bite”, as you said.

I had to leave for a big 'ol pasta dinner, hence why I had to sign off. I’ll be sure to post another training session soon for you to attempt to screw up! Thanks for testing and baiting me around!

-Regards, Stik

(@StikLover2) . I’m a patient man, so say we all! I’ve twiddled my thumbs in a puddle jumper while the money makers motor no big deal it comes with the territory. The taxi to 05 was a long haul. I’m a cheap old chap, I use the fuel savings for a cold one when I’m back in the barn. My motto, if they ask they shall receive, were possible it’s there time and money. They must have a reason and I can’ t read minds so I throw them a bone. As for the donut & airspace I was well out of your airspace which is limited to the outer ring me thinks. All in all you handled yourself well, very efficient you ave the patter down pat. You did good… BZ, Max Sends (PS: Creepy, that’s me! Little kids tell me that when I have on a long coat and offer them candy! )

@Maxmustang… You remind me of an old friend of mine. ;)

Indeed, you were on the fringes of the outer airspace itself, so I had no need to worry. I didn’t want to be one of those overbearing controllers who freak when a plane puts a tiny 'ol toe in my space! No harm done!

From all those posts you make, you’re quite the competent pilot. I even got some chills when I realized that you decided to swing by 'ol Charlotte Douglas for a visit!

Ah, yes… A merry old friend of mine always liked a cold one after a hard day sitting in corporate. Fact of the matter… he’s throwing a party down over at my humble adobe while I’m here in the good 'ol UK… Let’s hope he doesn’t burn down the house. I’ll find out when I return on a Virgin Atlantic A330-300 in a week and a few days.

Have a cold one, and I’ll see you another day sitting on control!

-Warm regards, Stik

Stik’s… It was a business doin pleasure with ya! Ah, the UK, I envy you, hope you brought yr Mack! Looked at London Wx via Siri, looks like rainy & dreary as usual. Have a pint at the nearest Rose & Crown, think of me but beware the Pub Grub especially the bangers & mash… Hope the house is still standing when you get home. Warm Regards, Max