Charlotte Douglas Airport: Gorgeous Fall Evening

Hey there! I’ve been taking full advantage of the beautiful fall weather we have been experiencing in Charlotte these last few days. I hope y’all enjoy some of the shots I took!

First up we have an American Eagle CRJ9 rolling down the runway for Sarasota.

Here’s Colorado One departing RWY 36R for Baltimore. It’s been a few years since I saw this livery in Charlotte, nice to catch it again!

Here we have an American A319 with the “Queen City” in the background. This plane was making a quick hop to Greensboro, NC.

This picture is by far my favorite from the group! This B772 was suppose to operate flight 2880 to Miami yesterday but experienced mechanical issues.

This was a real treat for me! At Charlotte, arrivals from the Northwest/Southwest usually land on 18R/36L and occasionally 18C/36C if things are busy. Lucky for me, they came in on 36R today.

Here we have a UPS A300 which came in from Louisville. Since the pandemic, UPS has really picked up its operation here. Flying up to 4 departures per day from the usual 2 flights.

One of the wonderful looking AA heritage liveries!

This American A321 is making a flight to one of my favorite destinations…Las Vegas 😁

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed some of my pics.

Take care


Love the American 772!

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I love all of these, great job @CLTaviation13!

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This is my home airport. I’ve done some spotting here myself I love it so much.

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mmm alfredo

Great pictures!


Literally spotted the exact same Allegheny A319 and A300. The difference of arriving 30 minutes after you left means I missed the Southwest special. 😔

Anyhow, great photos! Love the AA tail with the city in the background!

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Amazing Photos!!

The best 😉

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Thank you!

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I know man lol!

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Beautiful pictures!!😍😍


Thanks, I appreciate it!

If I remember the registration correctly I have been on the last plane before so that one is my favorite

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epic, from another CLT spotter. I read the FR24 boards wrong and missed the Southwest Triple Crown.

Nice, basically the only visitors in CLT most people care about rn: Volaris, AA772, cargo, and special liveries. Hopefully I get encouraged to spot on the 36R/18L parking deck shortly. Need to get those golden hours and skyline shots in.

If traffic is more chill, Volaris will get a free pass to 36R or 18L bc of terminal D’s proximity to the runway

I believe I’ve spotted 583UW before

I noted that in the description. They usually come in at the tail end of the 4-5pm arrival bank. This was the first time I’ve seen them get 36R in quite awhile.

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I actually flew on a crj900 from Charlotte to Sarasota! What a coincidence! 😂😁

I love Charlotte! The place is absolutely LIT!!!


Especially with the skyline in the back-round too!

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