Charlotte Airport KCLT

Just a few shots I got the other day. Let me know what you think down in the comments!


Wow, these look amazing!

Loving the American Eagle E145! Great photos!

The old AA livery E145s are still flying? I thought they went out in 2018…

These pics are absolutely beautiful, wonderful work!

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Throwback Wednesday! lol what can I say, although I think this might of been 2019

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Confusion because it’s Tuesday. 😂


Great job on the spotting! Really loved the last American Eagle Sunset picture!

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he time traveled… the mans just that good.


Or he just went over to Asia or Oceania for a bit then came back. 😂


but N801AE was delivered to Contour in October of '22…Login required |

Lovely shots! Some really nice angles.

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the first photo was that day lol i should of specified all the others are just some of my favorites from CLT

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