CharlieChang's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NA

Hello all, Welcome you guys do pattern work in ZJSY.
I will be controlling ZJSY on the training server at 15:30 (UTC)
As well, I hope you can give me some feedback of this controlling , thanks a lot!
Runway in use : 08
Frequencies: Tower/Ground

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It’s very nice to see you in the community!

Can I please ask you to change your title to

CharlieChang’s ATC tracking thread - [CLOSED] @ZJSY

which is the correct format. I’ll try to stop by if I can can. Feel free to tag me next time you open!


I just finished my flight at ZJSY during you open ATC frequency.It’s pretty good for a new member control like this.Here are some feedbacks
1.The right / left traffic for option don’t need to give aircraft doing local pattern, it’s only given for aircraft fly inbound and doing patterns
2.The option should give much earlier, it’s too late on 2nd circle, you can give it earlier
Anyway it’s good and welcome to IFC:)

Very happy to see your professional feedback.
I will follow your advice and improve my controlling skills in the future.
In addition, I will control ZJSY again today.

Open for a while

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