Charlieab29’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED] [CLOSED]

I’ve got 15 mins so i’ll come and do some pattern work quick

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Sweet, thank you!

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sorry i had to leave so quick - i’ll give you your feedback in about an hour, i’m in a rush, sorry

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No worries! Thanks for coming

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Manchester Closed.

Was a short one, but I got a few patterns done! Thanks to all who came

Tag me when you are open ;)

I have just closed I’m afraid :(

That’s fine but tag me next time :)

Sure, no problem!

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Feedback i was speedbird 660.

Everything was perfect apart from

  • when clearing me for the option, you told me “after the option, make right traffic”. This is not needed as i was on the same runway. You only need this for runway changes/traffic inbound
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Okay cool, thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback!

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Will be opening up in 40 minutes!


Open at Berlin Tegel.

Runway 26R and 26L in use.

Please come by! Practical on Monday


Berlin Tegel Closed.

Thanks for coming, @Kyle and @Captain_Cign!

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Hiya @candrej, good session! Feedback will follow!


  • All ground commands were good, well done!
  • Important: I do understand the runways are close together however I was able to align and cross the piano keys twice before going around. This should not be able to happen! The steps should follow, please check assigned runway and then if unable to turn back to the assigned runways safely and stably go around none of this was done and as a result I could have landed on different runway!
  • I then tested your spacial awareness once again by turning base right next to @Kyle on final luckily he was in the air before I crossed the threshold however I got extremely close and an extend downwind command should have been used!
  • Good when I asked for a runway change and you gave me a pattern entry and new after the option make left traffic!
  • On one you cleared me for the option at 500ft the reason I did not announce my position to remind you was to see exactly how long it would take you!
  • Transition altitude was good, well done!
  • Exit runway command was slightly late and should be done earlier! Was done around 50kts and should be 70!

Good session! However you need to improve your spacial awareness and look around and on the radar! Perhaps you were doing something else whilst controlling and not giving it your full attention.

See you in the skies :)

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Thanks for the feedback. I did see you were going for the incorrect runway, however as there was no ATIS in place (being on training server) I did not think the ‘Check Runway’ command was suitable, maybe I was wrong…
A go around was not issued as there were no other aircraft on the field, and the next command I gave you was for the original runway (26R).

I also saw you turning base early, but I have been told on many sessions before to ‘not fly the aircraft for them’ so in that situation, I let it go ahead and would have made you go around if @Kyle have been on the runway when you were above the threshold. (Which didn’t happen luckily)

In regards to the late clearance towards the end, I apologise for that, I was trying to find a ‘make 180’ command for a Ryanair who had pushed the wrong way, so that was my bad!

Thanks for coming by and leaving feedback, I appreciate it :)


Sorry… I don’t quite understand, yes there was no ATIS but you cleared me for a runway I have to stay with that runway, no questions asked, I don’t choose the runway that is the controllers job The next command you gave me for 26R has nothing to do with this whatsoever its the fact I could have landed on the wrong runway. I don’t know if you are planning to go for the ATC practical but this is important. You don’t give up because i’m on the wrong runway your the boss not me!

correct however I was dangerously close! In this case it overrides it!

Was that the person who took off without clearance?

see you in the skies :)

Yeah, I cleared you for 26R to start off with and you landed 26L, It was more of a case of me not knowing which command to use for someone landing on the incorrect runway than ‘not noticing’ it.

Yeah, that was the one lol

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I will be open in around 1.30hr ish

Airport unknown at this moment.

Practical tomorrow, please stob by!

Apologies for the delay, will be opening in the next 10 mins!