Charlieab29’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED] [CLOSED]

Okay thanks for the feedback, all things I need to work on!

I’ve taken the written already, and passed, just polishing up on my practical element as there are a few issues (as you’ve said) Thanks for stopping by, I will bear that in mind during my next session!

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You can fill this out!

Are they not suspended at the moment?

Idk. It was after the update but someone else got training after the 20.1 update so idk if it is suspended again.

New applications are suspended temporarily. See the title.


Then how come I know someone who got training like a week or two ago?

Oh. Nvm i see

Flawless controlling for TL1208.
Just one thing, why did you ask me to line up and wait when there was no one around? You could have just cleared me for takeoff.

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Thanks for the kind words…

Could that have been when that ‘Angola’ A350 departed? He said remaining in the pattern but actually departed to the north, I maybe expected him to land? If not, then I apologise for that, was probably a mistake!

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I was the one departed before the Angola , but everyone makes mistakes. As I said, I believe everything other than that was purely incredible and you managed the busy airspace really smoothly.

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Thank you! I am still fairly new to controlling, I only applied for IFATC yesterday and passed the written this morning. Obviously to get my operations I have been controlling on training server, where not everything is done correctly haha, so feedback on this tracking thread is appreciated a lot :)


Are you still open ? If so, I´m on my way.

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Sadly I have just closed :/

I’ll re-open though!


Perfect work! No issues from my side.
Good Luck with your practical.


Thank you, appreciate you stopping by!

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LEBL Tower and Ground Closed.

Thanks everyone who came by for your time and feedback, should be opening again tomorrow! Will post updates here.

Will be opening up Barcelona again in around an hour!

Open at Berlin Tegel.

Runways 26R and 26L are in use, will be open for roughly 30 minutes!

Closed at Berlin Tegel.

Thanks @ThomasR and @Balloonchaser for coming! (And anyone else)


Open at Manchester.

Runway 23L and 23R in use! Open for around 30 mins