Charlieab29’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED] [CLOSED]

Welcome to My Tracking Thread






Passed IFATC written exam, now training for practical. Please come along when open, feedback and constructive criticism welcome!


Going to be opening up Barcelona in around 35-40 minutes if anyone wants to come along :)


25L and 25R in use, pattern work appreciated!

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I’ll come over:)

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I’m here!!!

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Thank you! Much appreciated :))

Thanks so much

I’ll swing by in a few. 737.

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Thank you!

joining rn

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Much appreciated :)

Apologies, I didnt clear him to cross the runway…


no problrm. sadly my wifi died when i exited the runway

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Please take caution next time. You aproved my transition at 2500ft and @Madison was flying at an incorrect pattern altitude. 2300ft so i leave. Remember there is a command that say “descend to pattern altitud” in pattern instructions. Good luck.

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My bad, sorry about that, will learn for next time. Thanks for stopping by!

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i was too concentrated on the turns and speed… sorry

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No problem! I will stop next time you open :)

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My game just crashed. :( Anyways, pretty good. 1 thing, you cleared aircraft for “Immediate takeoff” when there was no aircraft nearby(At least i think so) I believe this is only issued when another aircraft is around 4NM away. Tip: You can also prepare an exit command before aircraft land if you have free time, my exit command was a little late. Keep practicing and you’ll be there in no time. :)

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You didn’t sequence PUKEJACK behind N29AG. You should have said "number 2 traffic to follow is on right downwind

N29AG almost crashed into PUKEJACK. You could have given us speed instructions or the best option on what I would have wanted to see would have been “extend upwind i’ll call you crosswind”.

Transition for A-LOPEZ was low. Should have been 3000. Then when TL1208 If they were at the same altitude they could have crashed. You should have given TL1208 at or above 4000.

When you cleared me for I requested change to 25L you should have told me enter left downwind and not right downwind.

When you cleared me for 25L you cleared me as #2 should have been #1.

I recommend watching the youtube ATC tutorials and taking the practice written test before your real written test. After you take the written you can get an ATC trainer who will help you before the practical.

-Sam C.

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Okay, thank you very much for stopping by and leaving some feedback :)

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