Charleston, WV Fly-Out [KCRW] Feb. 15, 2020 @2200Z

Charleston, WV Fly-Out (Hub is KCRW Charleston Yeager)

Charleston, WV, home to West Virginia’s largest regional airport. This small, but friendly airport on top of the mountain above the city of Charleston is home to four (4) major airlines; American. Delta, United, and Spirit Airlines. The departure over Charleston and the arrival into Charleston is amazing and also hosts quite some challenges for aircraft arriving into RWY 23. Approach into runway 23 is quite tricky especially if you come in too fast and when you touchdown and don’t get your aircraft slowed down so you don’t over-run RWY 23, so it is going to be quite challenging to keep your speed to where you can do the approach safely. That’s the neat part about this approach.

  • Aircraft and Livery:Bombardier CRJ-200, CRJ-700, CRJ-900, Airbus A319, A320, A321

American Eagle: CRJ-200, CRJ-700, and CRJ-900
Delta Connection: CRJ-200 and CRJ-700
United Express: CRJ-200 and CRJ-700
Spirit Airlines: Airbus A319, A320, and A321


  • Time of Departure: Event opens @22:00 Zulu. Be at gates no earlier than 10 minutes before departure and have flight filed and aircraft ready before contacting ground for pushback.

  • Server: Expert (Grade 3)

  • Additional Information:

Here is the list of available routes from Charleston and airlines flying the routes.
KCRW-KCLT: PSA Airlines as American Eagle (Aircraft: CRJ-200, 700, and 900)
KCRW-KPHL: PSA Airlines as American Eagle (Aircraft: CRJ-200, 700, and 900)
KCRW-KDCA: PSA Airlines as American Eagle (Aircraft: CRJ-200, 700, and 900)
KCRW-KORD: Envoy Air as American Eagle (Aircraft: CRJ-200)
Air Wisconsin as United Express (Aircraft: CRJ-200)
SkyWest Airlines as United Express (Aircraft: CRJ-700)
KCRW-KATL: SkyWest Airlines as Delta Connection (Aircraft: CRJ-200)
Endeavor Airlines as Delta Connection (Aircraft: CRJ-700)
KCRW-KMCO: Spirit Airlines (Aircraft: Airbus A319, A320, and A321)

There will be no specific routing or all that unnecessary info. Routing will be up to the pilots! :) We will schedule every departure 5 minutes apart to keep aircraft from colliding. Aircraft that choose to do a return flight will need to use at least one of the IAP’s listed below.

I will be making a google forms to request a slot and will have a google sheets with the time table of every flight to keep this as organized as possible.

NOTAMS: Refer to the NOTAM link below. :)

We are needing people that are willing to be ATC at the following airports on the day of the event:

KCRW: Departure and Approach
KCLT: ATIS, Ground, Tower, Departure, and Approach
KPHL: ATIS, Ground, Tower, Departure and Approach
KDCA: ATIS, Ground, Tower, Departure, and Approach
KORD: ATIS, Ground, Tower, Departure, and Approach
KMCO: ATIS, Ground. Tower, Departure, and Approach
KATL: ATIS, Ground, Tower, Departure, and Approach

Here is the links to ATC schedules, pilots, and the join form. On the join form as ATC and pilot positions are filled, options will be removed so it’s a first come, first serve basis. The schedules will be posted a week (7 days) prior to departure. The final schedules will be posted and the form will be closed one (1) day before departure.
Join Form

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