Charging your phone speeds up your game?

I am currently flying from EDDF to RKSI, for the second time today, (the first made my game crash) and at the start I noticed In flight assistant really tanked my game and then I put it on charge because my phone ran below the maximum of 20% I allow myself to start charging from and my game ran smoothly again! anyone know if this is a fluke or a real thing

Have you noticed this?

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I didn’t know that catagory to put this in so mods feel free to help

When your device runs on low battery, it is adapted to save maximum power, therefore, reducing performance in return for an extended battery. When you are plugged in, you have direct unlimited power from the wall, therefore, there is no need to save battery, in turn increasing performance.


Yes that’s what I do

I usually always plug my phone up during flights, regardless of how long or short the haul is.

Mostly because the graphics are on ludicrous and I have limit frame rate off.


Another thing I notice when plugging in my phone while flying, is that is gets super hot super quick, but the in-game battery saver literally reduces almost all phone heat.


I’ve done that and my phone heats up really much but my case keeps the heat in

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It seems weird to me.

Charging your phone does not directly correlate with the smoothness of the game; however, take note that it may slow down the game.

The operating system (OS) on your phone keeps monitoring your phone’s temperature. If your phone gets really hot, the OS limits the performance of the phone (ie slows down your phone/game). It is good that they designed the OS that way so it doesn’t overheat (and burn 🔥) your phone!
Charging your phone, by nature, heats up the battery—hence, it should slow down the performance (and your long-haul flights!)

Of course, there other factors that directly affect the game’s performance: device specs, game settings (higher graphics = slower), battery health (if you’ve owned the phone for a long time, the battery performs terribly and the OS limits the performance to offset the longevity of it), and power-saving mode.

Not really charging your phone does not make your game faster. But a way to midigate the chance of it crashing is enabling limit frame rate after takeoff. This has helped me in the past and another way is restarting your device before every flight. Either way restart your device, turn on low power mode, and limit frame rate and everything should go smooth.

This depends on the device you have, my old ipad air has really bad thermals while my ipad pro 10.5 has great thermals

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